Casinos have indeed been the source of so many peoples’ amazing stories, so much so that it has actually made me want to go to casinos and see what all the rage is about. So many of these stories originate from being drunk at the casinos and probably even indulging in some drugs as well, which is something you should not pursue, because it is not exactly hard to find drugs in Las Vegas. The number of operational casinos in the world is increasing day by day. In the 9club United States alone, there are more than 1000 casinos which are properly operational. As other states are seeking to legalize gambling, the number of casinos is actually going to keep increasing steadily. All of that being said, I will list out some surprising facts about gambling and casinos as well, down below, do give them a read.


  • The FedEx story is a story that is really famous and surprising. The multi-national courier delivery service company was actually in trouble, and the founder and CEO actually ended up saving the company with the money that he won playing blackjack in a Las Vegas casino. He invested the $5000 in the game and came out with $27,000. This saved the company, and it is now a multi-billion dollar company.
  • The sandwich was actually invented in a casino. It is once said that John Montagu was gambling in a casino once and during a 24-hour gambling streak, he instructed the cook to bring him food so that he can eat it with just one hand so that it does not interfere with his game. The creative cook brought to him, two pieces of toast with some sliced meat in between them. The original inventor is not known to this day.

original inventor

  • Card counting is actually and famously legal. It is a strategy that can be used to account for the cards that have already been dealt and also the cards that are still remaining in the deck. It is a legal strategy to play blackjack. You should not get caught, though. If you do get caught, it can successfully get you thrown out of a casino. Some people have even been banned for life from certain casinos because they got caught counting cards.
  • There is a program that gambling addicts can opt for where a person can go to a casino and choose to exclude themselves from a casino which means the casino should deny them entry no matter what and this would actually be their choice. This way, you are voluntarily banning yourself from a casino so that it can help with your addiction. You can even choose the time period.