People have actually been placing bets and also playing games here and there with many things ever since the dawn of time. There are indeed some sbobet facts that are just too good and also too interesting to not share with the world.

Do you have any idea when the first casino was created in the world? Do you know what the oldest casino game that was ever played made of? Do you know what prompted the creation of casino games?

Well, you will actually find out all of that in this guide about casinos.

guide about casinos

  • Cards that humans used to play with, or playing cards as one might call it have actually been dated back to the 9th century in China. After you got to know this, I think it would be fitting also to know that the casino capital of the world is China and not Las Vegas like most people think.
  • Even though the ancient Greeks and the Romans actually loved to play all forms of gambling games which even included dice games, they were all known to be forbidden in ancient Rome. It was not allowed, and the people who played them had actually gotten into a lot of trouble. If you were ever caught, you would actually have to pay the penalty four times the stake of your bet.
  • Since gambling was completely illegal in Rome, some really smart Romans actually invented the first casino chips. If they happen to get caught by the guards, they could literally just say that they were playing with chips and for chips and also not for money and that would be the end of it. Later on, they were anointed value and then they were used as valuable items in casinos.
  • The oldest son of Queen Victoria who was known as Edward VII was actually one of the most famous royal fans of casinos.
  • One of the oldest casino games is actually still played in casinos even today, and it is called Baccarat. This has actually been mentioned as early as the early 1400s. That is literally almost 700 years ago. That game has indeed proven to be really entertaining.
  • The very first casino or gambling house as some may call it was started in Italy in the year 1638, but you should know that casino games were played way before this and were actually really popular. Because of the popularity, they started an establishment.
  • Roulette as we know today actually comes from Paris, and the roulette wheel is actually very similar to the ones in the USA.
  • In the 18th century, in England, games of chance were actually prohibited.