Even if you are not too into gambling , a online casino malaysia would still seem like a place where you would actually have a great time indeed. You can have a spectacular time by just walking in and by playing some games that will get you excited as well. One of the most important things that you should keep in mind would be that you should keep in mind is that you should always walk in with a fixed budget in mind, and if you run out of the budget, you should never run to the 1bet2u ATM to get more money out of your savings. Generally, this would not be a good idea. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that there are no guarantees in games of chance. All that being said, here are some fascinating realities that you probably did not know about.


  • You are legally allowed to count cards, and that is only if you do not mind being chucked out or even if you do not being banned from that casino. Card counting is technically legal, but the casinos do not like it and therefore will throw you out.
  • Casinos are actually forbidden in Japan with the exception of just three integrated casino resorts which are going to be built in the near future. This can be visited by the Japanese public just once in a week, and they must also pay an entrance fee. Slot machines are actually legal in Japan, and many hotels have them.
  • Ambulances being called are actually a less happening occurrence in casinos where smoking is prohibited. Well, it is quite simple, really. If you are not allowed to smoke in places where there is a lot of alcohol, there are less chances of a fire and less chances of someone getting hurt because of a fire that is kindled by the alcohol. Most casinos have actually banned smoking in them, back in the year 2008 itself. Some casinos actually got a permit for it, and smoking was then allowed on the casino floor. Some casinos have actually been known to have a smoking area. But the survey suggests that ones that have banned smoking have been known to contact ambulances less often.

occurrence in casinos

  • When you are playing roulette, make sure which version you are playing. The European version is actually much better than the American version. It is also known to be a lot easier, as well.
  • Surprisingly, more than $25 million was won by a WWII veteran on a slot machine. This man got a total of $25 million in his life. He was first given $4.6 million, and it was followed by an additional $21.1 million in the year 2005. Rest assured he will live his life a very wealthy man.